The new 200 khzusbmach3 driver board 4 axis control LV8727 drive

The new 200 khzusbmach3 driver board 4 axis control LV8727 drive
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SD-2H4A128It is a high performance multi-subdivision stepper motor driver designed with advanced control technology, which can be used to drive one.individualTwo-phase four-wire stepping motor. The new current control technology is adopted to realize the accurate control of motor current, effectively reduce the output torque ripple, improve the subdivision accuracy, and reduce the loss of motor by 25%, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the temperature rise of motor. Wider range of voltage and current can meet more application occasions. Continuous current setting function is convenient for adapting 42, 57, or small 86 stepper motors.



I. characteristics

Constant current chopper micro-step drive control technology

2,8,16,32,64,128, 10, 20To subdivide

12~ 40VWide-range DC power supply

Maximum output drive current 4A

outputCurrent is easy to adjust

Standby automatic half-current function to reduce heating and energy consumption

The control mode is simple, and only three data lines (pulse, direction, +5V) are needed for each axis.

Maximum pulse frequency 512KHz

Subdivision Setting Convenient

The exquisite shape and size are easy to install.

High and low level control, easy to use single chip control


II. Scope of application

Packaging machinery

textile machinery

Printing machinery

Glue spreading machine

Marking machine


Mechanical engraving machine

Laser engraving machine

Copier, Scanner

Factory automation equipment





3. Power supply

The driver is powered by DC power supply, and the green indicator on the side of the circuit board works normally. Power supply voltage between 12V and 40VDC can work normally. Users can directly use transformer rectifier plus capacitor filter circuit to provide. However, it should be noted that the peak value of voltage ripple after rectification should not exceed 40V, so as to avoid grid fluctuation exceeding drive. Lower power supply voltage will reduce the high-speed running torque of the motor, but it will help to reduce the temperature rise of the driver and increase the running stability at low speed. The output capacity of the power supply should be no less than the rated phase current of the motor. The lower the supply voltage, the greater the demand for the output capacity of the power supply current.When wiring, be sure to pay attention to the positive and negative power supply, do not reverse connection! uuuuuuuuuu

The quality of power supply directly affects the performance of the driver, the ripple size of power supply affects the subdivision accuracy, and the suppression ability of common-mode interference of power supply affects the anti-interference ability of the system. Therefore, users must pay attention to improving the quality of power supply for applications with higher requirements.





IV. Subdivision, Current, Attenuation Mode Setting and Terminal

1.The eight-bit dial switch sets the subdivision accuracy and the driving current.

Special note: Segmentation settings must be completed before power supply.



2. Signal input port.

3. Power input port and motor control port.


Special attention should be paid to:

1Before switching on power, please make sure that the connection of stepper motor is not short of phase and good phase.

2When electrified, the interface of stepper motor can not be suspended.

3Stepper motor can\'t be disassembled when power is on, otherwise the driver may be burnt down!! uuuuuuuuuu


5. Examples of system wiring:

1. Common anode connection:

2. Co-cathode connection:

3. High-speed differential signal connection (super anti-jamming ability):



6. Mechanical Installation Dimension Diagram (mm):