MINOX ZA 5i HD 1.2 6X24IR Reticle Compact Hunting Rifle Scope Long Eye Relief Tactical Optical Sight RifleScopes

MINOX ZA 5i HD 1.2 6X24IR Reticle Compact Hunting Rifle Scope Long Eye Relief Tactical Optical Sight RifleScopes
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High zoom ratio rifle scope 1-10x24 wide field long eye relief high resolution hunting illuminate mildot tactical riflescope

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High zoom ratio riflescope 1-10x24 wide field long eye relief high resolution hunting illuminated Mildot discovery tactical scope



Objective Lens Diameter:     24mm

Color/Finish:                          Black Matte
Eyepiece Diameter:               37mm
Eye Relief(in.):                       5.5-3.8
Exit Pupil Diameter:              14mm-2.4mm
Field of View (m@100m):     35.3-3.5
Field of view (ft @100yd):     106-10.6
MOA adjustment (one click):1/2"
Diopter Adjustment:              -3~+2
Tube Diameter:                     30mm
Tube Piece:                          Single
Windage Adjustment Range(in.):±50
Elevation Adjustment Range(in.):±50
Length:                                 300mm
Weight:                                1000g
 Maximum Recoil:                2000G\'s
F.O.V. angle (°):                   20-2
Type of reticle:                    Glass Etched Mil Dot
Lens Coating:                     Fully Multi-coated Green
Number of Lenses:            13pcs
Waterproof (Y / N):             YES
Fogproof (Y / N):                 YES
Shockproof (Y / N):             YES
Ocular Focus (Y / N):          YES
Side Focus (Y / N):              no
Windage & Elevation Lock(Y / N):YES
Reticle R2
Reticle Type (Etched / Wire): Etched
Focal Plane:                       Second Focal Plane Reticle
Reticle Color:                     Black/Red/Green
Illuminated(Y / N):              YES
Reticle Brightness Settings: 0-5
Battery Type:                    CR2032
Battery Voltage:                 3V



1, Built out of a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum. Forged T6061 aircraft aluminium bodies
2, waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof that take care of your scope.
3,Fully green multi-coated optics on the riflescope give you a high enough light transmission rate for accurate shooting at dawn and dusk.
4, An adjustable objective lens which, combined with the fast focus eyepiece, will eliminate parallax error and make for dynamic target acquisition.
5, Precise, repeatable, 1/2 MOA reticle adjustments.
6,Easy grip target-style windage and elevation adjustments.
7,Accurate aiming long short range distances .
8, Super accurate mil dot reticle and thinnest crosshair reticle in the world:only 1/4 thickness of normal mil-dot reticle.
9, 30mm tube and illuminated red-Green offer the clearest view for easy target acquisition in both bright and low light situations
10,6 times ratio rifle scope,can be used in all kinds of hunting
11,Super high shock resistant(3000g)
12, Super wide field of view 
13, 5 year Guarantee
14, welcome OEM your order.


Optical sight characteristics:                                                                     
ultra-low dispersion lens element glass to improve the resolution and color fidelity, resulting in crisp, sharp images.

Proprietary fully green multi-coated coating to improve all of the air more anti-reflective coating of light transmission to the glass surface.

One-piece tube to maximize the best alignment accuracy and visual performance, and to ensure the strength and water resistance.

From a solid block of aircraft-grade strength and stiffness of the construction of aircraft-grade aluminum alloys.

Waterproof O-ring seal moisture penetrating sight in reliable environmental performance of all dust and debris.

Hard anodized complete highly durable, low-glare matte helps camouflage the shooter\'s position is completed.

Tube surface super-hard, wear-resistant coating protects exterior lenses from scratches, grease and dirt.

Al 1-6-10ture color 2

IMG20151218154525FMC coatedboth coated 1waterproofIMG20151230151910IMG20160224130300IMG20151230152124IMG20151230152411IMG20151230152452IMG20151230152741

Packing list:

Supplied with
• Scope
• Flip up Lens Caps
• Optics cleaning cloth
• User Guide
CR2032 battery is not included, because the battery can\'t be sent along with riflescopes and it is difficult to pass through customs. Some shipping way can not send battery.
packing battery
Anti-shock bubble film packaging.   Keep  your order intact.
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Scope mounts:  30mm mount ring
                            35mm mount ring
                            25.4/30mm Level Mount

Q&A Notes

1.If waterproof riflescope can get access to water or not?

The riflescopes from us can keep working perfectly under water. However, please note the fact that in order to lengthen the working life, please dry it with lens cloth and put in moisture-free and dry environment after getting wet.

Don’t put in humid environment for a long time. Keep Dry with desiccant.

2.Use Scope Mounts Correctly

If the scope is always clipped very tightly, it may cause scope tube deformation. You don’t need to clip the mounting rings too tightly, you may check if the optics move away after ten fire. If displacement, make adjustment accordingly.

After each shooting, loosen the screw of the mounts to let scope relax so as to minimize the stress of the scope. The scope will only be stressed while in use.

When you put away your rifles, don’t leave the rifles pressing on riflescopes, because the heavy weight of the rifles will probably cause damage to the mounts or the scopes. Don’t leave other items pressing on the scopes neither especially the rifles and lenses will got pressed or cause screw loosed in transit by shock and bump.

3.Installation of Mounts

When you find the windage and elevation turrets have reached the maxi limit but the deviation of bullet is big, please check your mounting rings to make sure the scope is in the middle of the mounting rings without no lateral force that cause unparallel of axle wire of the scope and the rifle. Showed in the picture below, the lateral force may cause the unparallel of the central point of the mounting rings and the central point of the scopes and cause impact error.

mount RL

Correct Installation:


Incorrect Installation as below:

mount incor


4.How to observe the parallax?

Parallax is a condition that occurs when the image of the target is not focused precisely by misalignment of shooters eye on the reticle plane. This condition exists in all scopes. Parallax is visible as an apparent movement between the crosshairs and the target when a shooter moves their head and changes eye alignment in the scope.

The higher the magnification the more visible this is.

Without touching the rifle, move your eye around behind the scope. If the crosshairs appear to move on the target, the parallax is not set for the range of the target you are using.

SECOZOOM scopes equipped with an adjustable parallax knob can correct this at all yardages.

This side parallax knob is located opposite the windage knob on the other side of the scope for models with adjustable parallax. The parallax will be fixed at 100 yards.

If your crosshairs move to the right on the target’s image when you move your head to the left, the image place must be further away than the crosshairs. To pull the image plane in, screw the objective bell in (counter clockwise) so that the objective moves closer to you.

In this set up, the image is essentially tied to the objective so moving the objective 0.1mm moves the image 0.1mm. Adjust outward to pull back.

5.If there is parallax, what can we do?

Adjust the scale marks of side focus knob identical to the sighting range, for example, if your target is in 200 yards far away, adjust your side focus to 200 yards.

6.The relation between the parallax and the eye relief?

There is no direct relation between the the parallax and the eye relief.

Actually, even if you put your eyes within the eye relief, there may still be parallax.

Because the parallax is caused by the relation between objective lens and crosshair whereas eye relief is the relation between the eye and eyepiece.

A zero parallax riflescope has no parallax at all yardages no matter within eye relief or not and no matter there is lateral deviation or not. 

Company Information

Guangzhou Yivonnie Commerce Co.,ltd, is headquartered in Guangzhou city where known as "Heavenly Land of Plenty".
We Pride ourselves as the NO.1 ranking optics company on scopes quality, good sales, and excellent pre-sales and after-sales service! 
State-of-the-art technology, Outstanding optical performance, Rapid target acquisition, Ergonomic design and Unmatched quality help our company occupy a significant role among world-leading scope suppliers in niche market. 
We are not the largest company but the leading company that is dedicated & committed to researching, developing, producing, and marketing various kinds of riflescopes - Short Range, Middle Range and Long Range.
Our employees exceed at managing mechanical processing, forging, precision casting, finishing, heat processing, optical creation, designing, imaging and the coldworking of multi-coating., etc.,
We have been providing private label/OEM service to thousands of companies, big and small, in USA, Europe, Pacific Rim countries, such as U.S.A, Canada, UK, Germany etc.,
Yivonne welcomes customers from all over the world. We are sincerely dedicated to partnering with you and enabling you to pursue win-win situation.

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1.       Selling all kinds of Telescopic sight, Riflescope. No night vision.

2.       To provide customized, private label,free design,OEM/ODM.

3.       4 x , 6 x,8 x,10 x,12 x,14 x series.

4.       We accept return within 7 days after consumer receive item.


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